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                    Company Profile

                           Guangzhou Luo Hao Garment Co. Ltd. is a large company focusing on researching, developing, designing, manufacturing, franchising and direct retailing garments.

                    Our affiliate company is Guangzhou Qun Hao Garment Co. Ltd., which is specialized at uniforms in fabric for garments, design for customer, creation for workmanship, market for sales and customer to order at middle to higher lever for both male and female styles which also include shirts, ties, belts, etc.

                    The Fabric and accessories we use are supplied by famous brand domestic factories so that the fabric is high-qualified at good drape, breathability, recovery and wrinkle resistance which makes the garment with neat out-look, pure color, fashionable style and high-grade personality. It is our responsibility to constantly strive for perfection in manufacturing business dress, suit, uniform, work cloth, lab coat and engine clothes.

                    Welcome to visit our

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